The Vitality and vigour of any branch of our culture can be measured by it's continued growth and development. Pipe music has, in the past, been in danger of becoming stylized due to the competitive element which can stifle and inhibit creativeness.

Today, music is transmitted, not by long hours of canntaireachd, without the aid of a written score as in the MacCrimmon era, but increasingly by fax machines, tape and other recordings, even occasionally over telephones, but above all by publications such as this.

Scott Williams commands respect throughout Nova Scotia and especially Antigonish through his selfless encouragement of others and by his teaching and organizational skills. He has an ability to catalyse others into action - as I can relate from personal experience. As a Pipe Major, he has taken his band through the grades to threaten the very best in North America.

This book is purely an expression of one mans music. If the work of composers be an illustrious expression of a people's culture, then this collection will be respected not only in Nova Scotia, but wherever bagpipes are played.


Ceol bu bhlasd a's bu bhinne

'Dhusgadh spiorad do'n t-sluagh

Ceol bu tartaraich 'siubhal

Thionndadh troma gu cruas

Ceol mar smeorach a ghlinne

Ceol a's binne na cuach

(Gilleasuig Na Ciotaig)


Dr. Angus Macdonald

December, 1990

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