The Bagpipe Scale – Up and Down


Here is the full scale up and down:


          Did you make the changes from D to E and from E to D cleanly? This little exercise will help you
practice the change from D to E and back again. Watch out for crossing noises!


 Ready to sing it? Here are the words:

 This E D E is so fun-ny!

           Listen very carefully to the sounds you make. You do not want to hear any little ‘clicks’ between the two notes. These ‘crossing noises’ are very unpleasant sounds if they occur while playing the full bagpipes.  

It is also very important to place all the fingers of the right hand back in their home position when you change from the D note to the E note. The little finger must be raised up and the other three fingers must be down, covering the holes with the middle sections of the fingers.