Capt. Iain G. Millington, 
KStJ, CD, BA, FSA (Scot)

8 Kaulback Street, Apt. 3

Truro, N.S, Canada

B2N 3M6

Phone: (902) 893-7991

The Complete Bagpipe Tune & Drum Score Index

Compiled by

Captain Iain G. Millington


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A Must for all Pipers and Pipe Bands
  • Over 13, 500 entries
  • Cross references where applicable.
  • Easy to read.
  • 266 source books used.
  • 689 Pages.
  • Arranged alphabetically.
  • Compact discs listed.
  • Lists unpublished recorded works.
  • Includes any tune that can be played on the Great Highland Bagpipe.
  • 9 1/2 years of extensive research.

"... (This Index) is a "user friendly" comprehensive indexing of all tunes, scores and recordings from which one can draw the information necessary. The entries reveal tune title, tune type, time signature, number of parts, composer, publisher, publication and a cross reference (where available) of compact discs which provide the reader with a recorded interpretation of the written score." Scott MacAulay

"A Mighty fine book." D/M H. Madden, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.

"Very well laid out, easy to read and excellent research." Joseph J. Stapleton, USA. Piper and pipe tune collector.

"Thank you for the Index of the good music! It is really fantastic." James J. Neary, Tacoma, Wa, USA.

"The first thing that struck me was the simplicity to find the information you require. ...I can assure you that your Index will be in constant use, and has already proved to be invaluable" Capt. Gavin N.M. Stoddart, BEM, Army School of Piping, Edinburgh Castle.

"It's an excellent, and well presented, compilation which will be most useful." Ian Crichton, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

"I truly believe that your Bagpipe Tune Index is the finest work of its kind currently available. I own numerous tune indexes, but yours is the leader in all respects, including comprehensiveness, convenience, and ease of use. I recommend it without reservation to all pipers and drummers, from beginners to professionals." Ira John Urrig, Bellingham, Wa, USA.


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